We combine science and expertise
This is our story. Perfected over many years, just like our razors.
Using advanced blade technology. All backed by over 60 years of shaving expertise.
This is Dorco, years in the making.
What does Dorco mean?
The name ‘DORCO’ combines three elements:
‘DO’ from the first two letters of Dongyang (meaning “Orient”) Light Metal Industries (our original company)
‘R’ from ‘razor’
‘CO’ from
DORCO was registered as a brand name in 1961
and it became our company name in 1977.
It all starts with our incredible blades
For more than 60 years, Dorco has shaved the world using advanced blade technology.
We honour tradition while crafting a growing range of sharp, strong, long-lasting blades.
But we don’t keep reliving the past
We’re always reinvesting in research and development, to bring you amazing blades.
And now comes the next generation in grooming
You can get advanced shaving technology and compatible refill cartridges when you need them, delivered direct to your door.
And because we cut out the middleman, we pass the savings on to you.
It’s time to get closer
So we can get a better idea of your skin type and shaving style.
And together, we can create your best shaving experience.