Everything you could possibly want to know about Dorco and our razors.


A. Dorco no longer offers a subscription service directly. You can buy refill cartridges from the Dorco store on Amazon.
A. From 01 July 2019 our subscriptions service will no longer be available. Your account will be automatically deleted and you will not be able to login to your account to edit or renew subscriptions. If your subscription is due to renew in June, this will be the last month that you receive your refill cartridges. Any future refills will need to be purchased directly from Amazon. Once you have received your final subscription pack all future payment instructions will be cancelled and you will have no further charges. There is no further action which needs to be taken by you.
A. As we no longer provide a subscriptions service your subscription order and account will be automatically deleted. There is no action which needs to be taken from your end.

Damaged or faulty goods

A. At Razors by Dorco we put all our razors and refill cartridges through quality assurance testing. We’re always improving our technology to ensure that our great blades keep delivering the best possible shaving experience – that’s why we continually invest in research and development. This has resulted in many shaving inventions – the bendable cartridge, micro-span blades, and the world’s first six and seven-blade razors. However, should you find something unsatisfactory about your order, please email

Product queries

A. From 01 July 2019 you will no longer be able to purchase items from instead you can find us on Amazon. Find us on Amazon by typing ‘Dorco’ or ‘razorsbydorco’ in the search bar.
A. Purchasing Dorco products on Amazon is a quick and efficient way to buy. We offer a diverse range of products on Amazon. Keep an eye on our website for details.
A. You can buy blades from our Dorco store. We currently offer customers the option to buy products in quantities of 3.
A. Yes, our ladies range is called Dorco EVE, it has many loyal customers around the world.
A. The Dorco business began producing double-edge razors way back in 1961. Currently they can only be purchased by our US and Canadian customers.
A. As part of our mission to be the most convenient shaving brand for our customers, all Razors by Dorco handles are compatible with all Dorco refill cartridges only.

Talk to someone

To speak to a customer service representative, please email us at and we will be happy to help.