Pace 4 Pro Refill Cartridges x 4



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*** NOTE:  A system handle is NOT included with this product. ****

Everyone knows the star of the shaving show is the cartridge, or, in laymen’s terms, “the eject-able sharp bit.” This eject-able sharp bit has cool features, like…

  • We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
  • Not all hair is the same, and not all hair needs a 17,000-blade shave. This is a four-blade shave for four-blade hair.
  • This razor has friends! Chamomile, olive oil and allantoin get cozy in a moisturizing strip to soothe even sensitive skin.


4 Cartridges

4 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains chamomile, olive oil and allantoin


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